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              Professional Optical
              Solution Provider
              High Resolution
              and Ultra-wide Angle
              High Pixel, Large Aperture
              and Super Night Vision
              More Intelligent
              and More Secure
              Intelligent Vision
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              Founded in Sept. 2002, Xiamen Leading Optics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise certified by Nation and technology center certified by Xiamen government. The company’s is headquartered in Xiamen, the beautiful oceanfront garden city, with global marketing presence in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Taiwan and Korea. With 2 active plants and 1 new plant in planning, Xiamen Leading Optics is capable to supply optic products in large quantity with stable quality. As our main base of operat

              Security Surveillance
              More than 16 years experience since 2002.
              More than 200 different optical design database.
              Accommodate different major image format from 1/4" to 4/3".
              Cover different resolution from 1MP to 12MP and can be even higher.
              Cover different focal length from 0.8mm to 120 mm.
              Different type of mechanics: board mount/C/CS/MFZ/Zoom Block and etc.

              Super wide angle ideal for surrounded view.
              Sharp image qualtiy with IR-correction,support up to 5MP sensors.
              Compact design with aspherical technology.
              TS16949 certified.
              Various image formats,i.e.,1/4",1/3",1/2.7"with customized service.
              IRcutoff for option.

              Machine Vision
              Image format of 1/1.8”, 2/3” and 1” .
              focal length from 6mm to 75mm.
              High resolution of 3-5 mega pixel.
              Super-low distortion.
              Precise iris and focus scales for adjustment.
              Locking sets for focus and iris to prevent movement caused by vibration or shock.

              Scanning Recognition
              Various feild of view from 30 to 150 degrees.
              Large aperture up to F#1.3.
              High contrast for higher than 30% at nyquist frequency.
              Low TV distortion 29% for 150 degrees.

              The company's uav lens features high pixel, low distortion and wide Angle, which can be used to capture clear images in a wider field of vision and restore real images. More

              Consumer imaging
              Various choices for consumer optics demand and we also keep providing cost-effective and time-effective optical solutions and support our customers in all aspects from the stage of design to finished product. More


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